TMB Tax and Financial Services

It’s one thing to say our community needs economic equality and justice and another thing to go out there and get it.

My firm specializes in getting your FINANCIAL PAPERWORK IN ORDER to make your business bankable!

In fact, from May 2020 through December 2021, my businesses have secured $8,121,009.35 in funding for black and minority-owned businesses. 

Effective immediately, I’m coming for more and I’m leaving the door wide open for you to come with me and become the black & bankable business that 2022 owes you.

Our Tax & Bookkeeping Services!

Did you know that we are on a short list of 100% Black 100% Woman Owned Authorized QuickBooks Solution Providers? Shop QuickBooks with that TMB #getbankable discount. Go ahead…compare our QSP Pricing with the main QuickBooks website.  PLUS….you get our firm as a resource to guide you along the way.

The Black & Bankable CEO Podcast