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Get Bankable™ Movement CEO Training


By joining the Get Bankable™  Movement – CEO Monthly Coaching Program,  you’ll get:

  • For a limited time only, your $525 investment today will include bookkeeping services for Quarters 1, 2, and 3!
  • QuickBooks setup* and training on accurate transaction recording. *No QuickBooks account, no worries! We will provide your with a year of discounted subscription savings as a Get Bankable CEO.
  • Accurate & timely financial documents – Mining your financial data for critical insights (each quarter) and opportunities for real business growth.
  • Payroll Software & Compliance (where needed)
  • CEO Personal Credit Restoration (where applicable)
  • Once a month coaching sessions utilizing checklists, worksheets and a customized financial action plan to better manage your small business in the following strategy sessions.


Ready to join the Get Bankable™  Movement?  Just need less than 5 minutes to complete this check out page.  Get ready, your onboarding process is about to begin! Upon completing your purchase, you’ll receive an email confirmation on your enrollment and access.