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You know you need to get your finances organized, do your small business taxes. . . maybe even back taxes, and you can probably do it yourself if you make the time.


The problem is, WHEN will you ever have the time if you also have your actual business to tend? Your customers are waiting for you to get back.


Your personal life can’t forever be put on pause because you are trying to take care of every aspect of your business, and you realize that.

The Bankable™ CEO 2.0 was created with overwhelmed small business owners in mind.

Bankable™ CEO 2.0 is an instructor-led business financial literacy program mixed with done-for-you services developed by our Founder of TMB Tax & Financial Services, Talibah Bayles.


This curriculum provides introductory business training for aspiring, existing women, and minority­ owned businesses on the basics of business taxes compliance, bookkeeping, tax planning, and access to funding.

Who am I and why I created this system?

As a way to create a significant impact in the community and prepare business owners for financial success, Talibah decided to line up some of the best experts she knows and build BANKABLE CEOs™ - a vault filled with knowledge backed by an ever-growing community of fellow entrepreneurs and experts that connect through an online platform to support and cheer one another through their journey to excellence.

From May 2020 through December 2021, TMB & Access Granted, Inc. (my nonprofit) has secured $8,121,009.35 in funding for black and minority-owned businesses. We are waiting on over $3M in EIDL Loan applications submitted to be processed…um, we’re rockstars. Here's what YOU should celebrate this:

Get It Done Today!

Feel confident knowing that your business has the support of a team with over half a century of experience combined, preparing companies to be tax compliant and ready to be qualified funding, at any time, effortlessly!

The Bankable CEO™

Monthly packaged price for businesses between $0 - $10K/Monthly ONLY

Upgrade for $375/month

The Bankable™ CEO PLUS
Tax Coordinator

Monthly packaged price for businesses between $0 - $10K/Monthly ONLY

Upgrade for $575/month

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