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We at TMB are extremely excited to share the establishment of our Sister organization – Access Granted, Inc. – a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation! 

It’s no secret that small businesses are the heart and soul of the American workforce, creating a hefty 2 million jobs a year. And minority-owned small businesses create more than just jobs.

The reality is that Black and women-owned small businesses are building pipelines to dreams, sourcing generational wealth and quantifying teachable moments that money can’t buy. 

But when it comes to securing lucrative opportunities, the odds are often stacked up against us.

That’s what I’m here to change.  By the way, I’m Talibah Bayles, Founder & CEO of TMB Tax & Financial Services and Founder of Access Granted, Inc.   I’m 1 of only 7 Black women chief financial officers (CFOs) and accountants who have secured more than $1.5 ( million in Small Business Administration (SBA) loans (during the first round) for small businesses and nonprofits in need of disaster relief funding. PLUS, I have 15 years of experience of small business and federal government experience where I’ve learned that knowledge is power and access is key. 

It is through the mission and vision of this organization that true community development and empowerment for the underserved exists.

100 Black Businesses

On August 10, 2021, I announced my personal challenge to get 100 black businesses bankable!  I’m excited to see how responsive the small business community has responded to this challenge. 

When it comes to my #100blackbusinessesbankablechallenge, this challenge comes packed with years of real live successes and failures, but most importantly real RESULTS for real business owners.And now…well now is YOUR TIME. Let’s go.   If you are a business owner interested in getting your business bankable, get started  below!   

We are also seeking community partners and sponsors to augment the scope of this uniquely positioned opportunity to provide real results to our underserved community.  If you are a financial institution (bank, CDFI, private foundation) interested in more information on how your organization and maximize the success of this challenge, I’d love to speak further on this opportunity.  




Spotlight Does Your Business Qualify for Access Granted Services?


We are excited to have your join our 100 Black Businesses Bankable Initiative as an Access Granted Client!  


Please complete the below form to determine if your business qualifies for free or radically reduced tax/accounting/bookkeeping/loan packaging services!


When you send over your information, we’ll reach out to you about next steps.  


Access Granted Business Owner Interest Form


Vision of
Access Granted

Our Vision is an inclusive economy in which all women & minority-owned businesses have equal access to the capital, information, and financial services they need to successfully own a profitable business.


Access Granted works closely with local, state, and federal entities and organizations to provide small business owners with open access to information, growth tips and strategy, and free (or radically discounted) accounting/bookkeeping/tax services.  We consistently play our part in keeping Main Street alive as businesses face new challenges stemming from the delta variant and to aid in a post-pandemic recovery.